blue bullet September 10, 2010 – Stories in the final Mission Success Bulletin include ET-122 -- the Katrina-revival tank, Orion’s successful Crew Module Ground Test Article proof test in Bldg 404, Jeff Pilet receives the NASA Leadership Award, a batch of Silver Snoopy awards to deserving employees, the Doing It Safely team winner, the ET-122 logo painted on the Intertank access door, the shuttle’s last remaining flights, the ET Incentive Plan, and employee anniversaries
blue bullet July 22, 2010 - Stories include a report from the Leaders’ Off-site about the future of LM at Michoud and pending U.S. Senate Committee legislation, which adds an extra shuttle flight, expands role of Orion, begins development of a Heavy Lift Vehicle, etc.  Legislation still must be approved by full Senate, House and president.  Other stories include the big July 8th ET-138 Rollout Ceremony and retiree views on the 37-year ET program, Awards Night with 14 Michoud winners, ET-122 rolling to Building 420, the ET-122 logo tale, Morgan Ballard “Doing It Safely” winner, Human Resources’ efforts in conjunction with the Career Transition Center in placing employees, no change in ET Incentive Plan milestones, Space Shuttle schedule, and employee anniversaries
blue bullet June 30, 2010 - Stories include an advance item inviting all employees to the July 8th ET-138 Delivery Ceremony with details about the celebration, the progress of ET-137 at Kennedy Space Center, visits from the STS-134 and STS-132 astronauts and NASA’s Orion manager in Houston – Mark Geyer, “Doing It Safely”, the Space Shuttle schedule, the updated ET Incentive Plan milestones, and employee anniversaries.
blue bullet May 28, 2010 - Stories include the STS-132 launch and performance of ET-136, the Excellent Award Fee rating, Orion’s successful PA-1 test flight, Doing It Safely winner for the month, STS-132 Launch Honorees, the 44 employees who had never seen a launch at KSC before this one, Space Shuttle schedule, 2 more additions to the ET Incentive Plan milestones, and employee anniversaries.
blue bullet April 29, 2010 - Stories include an interview with NASA ET Project Manager John Chapman where he discusses ET-135’s performance in April, the final three tanks to be delivered, Hurricane Katrina, the hail-damaged tank and more. Other stories are a look ahead at the STS-132/ET-136 launch, Orion’s Pad Abort-1 Test Flight on May 6 at White Sands, the new Spin Form Dome unveiled at MSFC, Doing It Safely, STS-131 Launch Honorees & the 51 employees who had never seen a launch, FIRST Robotics National Championship in Atlanta, Volunteer Service Awards & Lockheed Martin’s donation of the House Busters truck/trailer/and tools to the St. Bernard Project, Space Shuttle schedule, ET Incentive Plan amounts, and Milestones.
blue bullet March 26, 2010 - Stories include the STS-133 crew visiting to look at their tank (ET-138) and dining on crawfish with employees, the April 5th flight of STS-131 & ET-135, the Aeronautics Career Event, the STS-130 crew who flew February 8th -- their visit to Michoud, the Structured Improvement Events that helped propel ET-138 through Cell A, Doing It Safely winner, FIRST Robotics competition, ET Incentive Plan milestones, Space Shuttle schedule, and employee anniversaries.
blue bullet February 26, 2010 - On-line stories include the February 8th performance of ET-134 at launch/ascent with Endeavour, ET-136 rollout, ET-138 (final flight tank) coming out of Cell A, STS-131/ET-135 preview for April 5th launch, Finishing strong on Safety, the process to apply for a LM job, remaining Space Shuttle schedule, Incentive Plan milestones, and employee anniversaries.
blue bullet January 29, 2010 - Stories include a preview to the upcoming launch of STS-130 and all the technological advancements on ET-134, Orion's 2010 challenges for the Michoud manufacturing team, work on the Ares I instrument unit simulator, ET Incentive Plan milestones, Employee anniversaries, and the Space Shuttle schedule of flights this final year
blue bullet December 15, 2009 - Stories include the success of STS-129 & ET-133 in November, Excellent Award Fee scores, crews who are shifting over to Bldg 420, Launch Honorees, the Space Shuttle schedule, the ET Incentive Plan update, Milestones, and this being the final printed version of the Mission Success Bulletin.
blue bullet November 20, 2009 - Stories include STS-129 preview, Ares I-X flight, recount of STS-128 August-September flight from crew member Patrick Forrester, Unity explanation, ET-134 rollout and NASA's Steve Roy to accompany tank to KSC while on barge/ship and will blog about voyage, Space Shuttle schedule, ET Incentive Plan totals, Mission Success Bulletin announcement about December to be last printed version -- going on-line in January, and November-December Milestone employee anniversaries.
blue bullet September 30, 2009 - Stories include how Hurricane Katrina-damaged tank, ET-122, is being flight certified and how this is extending hundreds of jobs at Michoud, the successful launch and ascent of STS-128 & ET-132, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden & Deputy Lori Garver's visit, the Missile Mothers for the next four tanks, Orion's Program Schedule Review at Michoud, Joanne Maguire's visit, the STS-128 Awardees, a successful United Way campaign and Blood Drive, Diversity Champion Debra Houchin, ET Incentive Plan update, Space Shuttle launch schedule, Asian American & Pacific Islander American affinity group hooking up with St. Bernard Project to renovate a home on Katrina's 4th anniversary, and promoting Fall Fest on Halloween this year, and Milestones.
blue bullet August 26, 2009 - Stories include Flight Readiness review of STS-128/ET-132, Over 3.8 million hours without a work-related injury, Completion of ET-138 final crossbeam weld, ET Incentive Plan update, September 1 United Way campaign kickoff, Joanne Maguire Town Hall for all LM employees, Professional performance of Cell L, Ares I-X assembled at KSC’s VAB, Blood Drive dates for making donations, Hurricane Season Emergency Information, Creativity in disposition of ET Records, Schedule of ET deliveries and Space Shuttle Launches, LM explains ET role to teachers, and Milestones.
blue bullet July 1, 2009 - Stories include NASA and Lockheed Martin work to solve GH2 leaks, STS-127 and STS-128 astronauts visit Michoud, ET-138 proof test completion, Michoud’s preparation for 2009 hurricane season, 2009 Space Systems Award Night in Philadelphia, Jesuit High School graduate wins Lockheed Martin scholarship, BPT award presented to Transportation and Handling team, MSFOC transition news, Michoud rates excellent on Award Fee period, schedule of ET delivery and Space Shuttle launches, Launch Awardees visit Kenedy Space Center, update on ET incentive plan, and Milestones.
blue bullet May 27, 2009 - Stories include successful Hubble mission, 46 employees who were able to see launch for first time at KSC, Endeavour/ ET-131 to launch June 13, International Space Station to expand to six astronauts, Kaizen events that improve ET production, ET-138's last weld -- final tank to be manufactured in Major Weld, ET Completion Plan update, STS-119 crew visit, MSFOC transition, Safety council recognizes Lockheed Martin, Launch Awardees, Mark Pokrywka, Fred Ubas, and Joe Johnson awarded Silver Snoopy, YMAW at Michoud, Space Day at Jefferson Elementary, and Milestones."
blue bullet April 27, 2009 - Stories include the upcoming challenging mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, Superb tank performance in previous two launches, the 1st Friction Stir Weld on Orion Crew Module Ground Test Article, the April 14th Job Fair and employee opportunities, Space Shuttle launch schedule, Eric Esposito wins Engineering award, "Doing it Safely" winner Derrick Juneau, ET Incentive Plan milestones, three new Affinity Groups, FIRST Robotics team advances to National competition, volunteers paint mural at Sarah T. Reed High cafeteria, Biggest Loser (weight-loss) program, Crescent City Classic tent, and Milestones. "
blue bullet March 23, 2009 - Stories include STS-119's spectacular evening launch on March 15; Missile Mothers and how they guide their tanks through production; the first planned Orion weld and equipment to perform the weld; Manny Zulueta, Mark Bryant, and Pat Whipps employee meetings; two Silver Snoopy winners; Launch Honorees visit KSC; LM donates Ares V model to Huntsville's Davidson Center for Space Exploration; Space Shuttle schedule for remainder of 2009; a Diversity Champion here at Michoud; Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel tour; "Doing it Safely" winner; another milestone reached for the ET Completion Plan; Blood Drive results; Michoud speed limits; and employee anniversaries. "
blue bullet January 28, 2009 - Stories include STS-119 being the first shuttle to launch in a busy year of launches, STS-126 mission specialist praises ET-129 performance, Lockheed Martin hosts Constellation supplier fair in Huntsville, Michoud again a finalist in MSFC's Contractor Excellence Award, "Doing it Safely" campaign winners, STS-119 launch honorees, Blood drive, Silvery Snoopy Awards, Space Systems executives paint murals at Jefferson Elementary, Children's Hospital thanks Lockheed Martin for financial contribution raised at Fall Fest, LMLA officers, EVO officers, and Holiday Luncheon, and Milestones."
blue bullet December 11, 2008 - Stories include STS-126 mission and flights next year, 103 employees thrilled to see their first launch in person at KSC, Launch Honorees, Hubble tank (ET-130) rolls to barge, ET Completion Plan update, Mark Bryant's first time on console at KSC as ET VP, Mike McBain named ET project deputy, NOVA Award goes to ET-124 Hail Damaged Tank Team, Award Fee is "Excellent", Holiday Luncheon in factory, Lockheed Martin pursues Loaned Labor concept, Employees take control of their careers at job fairs in October and November, Silver Snoopy awardees Robert "OP" Landry and John Singelmann, James Cousin is "Doing it Safely" winner, Jimmy Doll receives NASA Star award, five honored with Exceptional Engineering awards, NASA recognizes ECO System team members, Fall Fest photos and Milestones."
blue bullet October 30, 2008 - Stories include new ET Program Manager Mark Bryant and the opportunities he sees for ET success, NASA moves ahead on Ares V, status of STS-126 launch on Nov. 14 & Hubble mission next year, ET-130 in Test & Checkout, NASA recognizing Hurricane Gustav Ride-Out Crew, Rendezvous Website expanding, Michoud shows off its technologies at Tech Day, Lockheed Martin donates 1,200 laptop computers to Recovery School District, "Are You Safe? Doing it Safely" campaign winners, Diversity Champions Karen France and Marjorie Bilinski, Farewell party for Wanda Sigur as she moves to Denver, Fall Festival ad, Physical Distribution team accident/incident-free for two years and Milestones."
blue bullet September 30, 2008 - Stories include Outstanding preparation allows quick restart following Gustav, Hubble mission finally at hand, STS-125 Hubble Launch Honorees, Over 100 going to October 14th Hubble launch, ET-130 progresses in production flow, ET-137 final tank in work, Employees support United Way campaign & Blood Drive, Doing it Safely campaign, Two named Extraordinary Engineers of the month for Space Systems, Ethics reminder to take Compliance training by Oct. 24, Free flu shots, Michoud Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) program judged "Best in Class", and Milestones.
blue bullet August 20, 2008 - Stories include Employees rev up, move ET-129 out the door... Transition meetings provide valuable information... New system links employees to jobs... Michoud Operations kicks off early 2008 United Way Campaign... Processing continues for Hubble repair mission... Six receive Snoopies... Technicians team up to pack SLA on Mars spacecraft... NASA walks the talk... Engineering Development Center opens for Orion... Milestones.
blue bullet July 28, 2008 - Stories include ET-127 preparing for Hubble mission... ET-129 moves to Test & Checkout... Observant Ittia named process control champion... New shuttle manifest challenges tank build time... New route to KSC... Michoud unveils Vision for the future... Positioning for life after shuttle: new program initiatives... Sigur talks Transition with employees... Award Fee scores highlight ET/MOM Strengths... Fun and frivolity after work... Career Development support and training updates... Milestones.
blue bullet June 30, 2008 - Stories include ET-128 part of near-perfect mission... L02/Intertank flange spray close to 70-day goal... Astronauts visit tank for Hubble mission... Gerstenmaier meets with employees... Lockheed Martin Celebrates 35 Years at Michoud... Space Systems Company Awards Night... Launch Honorees watch ET-128 perform brilliantly... Milestones.
blue bullet May 27, 2008 - Stories include Discovery and ET-128 ready to launch... Collaborative work cells focus on getting work done... Vitter pledges to find work, funds for Michoud facility and NASA... ET-134 - first FSW LH2 tank passes proof test... McGuire updates employees on Space Systems' status... Astronauts present Silver Snoopy Awards... RNASA honors Pilet and ET-124 hail damage repair team... Environmental impact team to receive Blue Marble Award... Astronauts praise ET-126 performance... Facility Help Desk gets the calls you don’t want... ET program sponsors crawfish luncheon for employees... Young minds learn about space... Michoud wins NASA award... Employees cited for volunteer service... Milestones.
blue bullet April 28, 2008 - Stories include ET-128 prepares for May flight... Lockheed Martin sponsors students in robotics competition... Job Fair aims to retain Lockheed Martin talent... Lockheed Martin wins Large Business/Product award... Two tanks for Hubble latest challenge... "Hey, don't eat the wheels"... STS-122 crew praises Michoud workforce... Launch Honorees selected for STS-124... WorkShare experience expands at Michoud... Surfing web for pornography has consequences... Silver Snoopy Award winners... Large Acreage - Gun Room wins BPT of Year... Milestones.
blue bullet March 27, 2008 - Stories include Endeavour rides into night sky... ET-128 heads out to barge... Johnson melds technology, strategy and business...New Gun room to increase capabilities... Spray center benefits ET production and future programs... Sattler outlines plans for more agile SSC Engineering organization... Engineers head to the classroom... New TPP application facility open in Huntsville... Lockheed Martin - 35th Anniversary in New Orleans, Saturday, June 21, 2008... Engineers guide student teams in building robots... Lockheed Martin FIRST Robotics mentors... Relay for Life participants wanted... Employee uses Heimlich maneuver to save co-worker... Honorees tour KSC before seeing beautiful night launch... Milestones.
blue bullet February 27, 2008 - Stories include STS-122 good from launch to landing... 6S initiative reduces waste, improves work flow... Honorees named for STS-123 launch... Citizen soldier visits Michoud from tour of duty in Iraq... 2008 LMLA Board... EVO leadership for 2008... Shall we dance? Classes take off at Michoud... Orion team proceeds to next review in May... External Tank-126 mates with Orbiter... Employee team produces award-winning mosaic... Michoud Leadership Team and HR to Host LM Invitational Job Fair... Milestones.
blue bullet January 28, 2008 - Stories include STS-122 set to launch February 7th... NASA extends External Tank contract... Chip Jones named Michoud Chief Operating Officer... STS-124 crew visits their tank, ET-128... NASA breaks ground for new R&D building... Orion team keeps making steady progress... O&C building continues transition to Orion assembly site... Renovation makes Building 420 more productive... Huntsville employees on another safety streak... Mission Impossible - don't you believe it... Milestones.
blue bullet December 19, 2007 - Stories include STS-122 stands down to January... Common Disclosure opens opportunities across SSC... ET-126 unloads at KSC... Full speed ahead on ET-128... Contributions up 14.5% in United Way campaign... What is the ECO system... Review board recommends going forward with Orion Ground Test Article design... Hartley included in Woman of the Year selections... Simoneaux receives Leadership award... Blum and McGehee take home NOVA Awards... Knipfing and Reaume cited for ELVIS work... An early Christmas gift... Honorees tour Kennedy Space Center.
blue bullet November 19, 2007 - Stories include the ET-120 performance, LM AFRL FAST Contract win, MS&TC AEHF-2 satellite delivery, NASA Space Shuttle Process Control update, LMents leadership mixer highlights, and more.
blue bullet October 22, 2007 - Stories include the path to launch for STS-120, John Karas' Q&A at General Assembly, the latest on ET-125 scheduled to fly in December from KSC, the United Way Campaign beginning today with a tour of UW agency Kingsley House, results of the Ask Interview, profile of high schooler Devin Green who flew weightless at World Space Week, and more.
blue bullet September 27, 2007 - Discovery and ET-120 prepare for October flight to ISS... Michoud Ops pursues new business opportunities... NASA chooses Boeing for Ares I Upper Stage work... Employees receive Silver Snoopy awards... ET-125 arrives at Kennedy Space Center... Health and wellness programs promote fitness... United Way Kickoff... Elfer named Lockheed Martin Fellow... Seeing it for the first time... Michoud volunteers collect bags of trash... Milestones.
blue bullet August 30, 2007 - Endeavour touchdown... ET Project focuses on LO2 feedline bracket mods... First Friction Stir Welded tank completes major milestone... AALF conference focuses on career development... Snoopy Award winners honored... NASA Administrator tours Orion facility... EVO plans its fall calendar... Meeting with foreign persons - be mindful... Hurrican Preparedness: Michoud is prepared; are you?... Road trip to KSC... Milestones.
blue bullet July 25, 2007 - NASA Orion gets "Opening Night" star treatment... Ice Frost Ramp redesign to soon begin on ET-128... Ares I team makes final push to win Upper Stage work... Michoud builds common bulkhead demonstration article for Constellation launch vehicles... Environment improves in Final Assembly area... Coast Guard/NASA Exchange opens... Records Retention... 2007 Awards Night... Milestones.
blue bullet June 26, 2007 - Hail-battered ET carries STS-117 to flawless ascent... Orion program takes up historic quarters at KSC... Let the astronauts snooze... ET-117 to fly in August... STS-120 crew members check their tank... AEHF-1 completes successful mate... Cell A transitions back to normal production... August trip launch... Launch honorees pose before shuttle stack... Safety & Health Fair offers massages, screenings, and more... Details on LM Healthworks fitness reimbursement... New physician joins Michoud Operations... EVO takes pledges for Children's Hospital... Milestones.
blue bullet May 29, 2007 - NASA praises ET-124 repairs... NASA, Lockheed Martin continue fortifying site for storms... Hunstville Snoopy Award winners... Michoud Operations stands down for Safety... Norway launches Hybrid Sounding Rocket... Board of Directors tours Michoud... Students have a blast at Space Day activities... EVO turns up the heat... Young Minds light up the factory... Milestones.
blue bullet April 30, 2007 - Atlantis to return to pad when repairs done... Army Corps completes Michoud floodwall rebuilding... Leaders plan Michoud's future direction... Prepared for hurricane season?... Team Ares submits proposal for Upper Stage to NASA... Orion program manager addresses Michoud... K-1 Program focusing on vehicle assembly and tooling... ET Project thanks employees with crawfish boil... Stepped up security for the Michoud community... Michoud Operations adopting CIPS Command Media... Volunteers applauded... Milestones.
blue bullet March 26, 2007 - Repairs to ET-124 begin after hail storm ... Process improvements pay dividends across Michoud ... Build on final tank, ET-138, begins at Michoud ... Air and Space Museum honors Hale, STS 121 team ... ET-117 gets closer to delivery ... Build Process Team of Year named ... Lockheed Martin-sponsored team wins FIRST Robotics ... Employees take advantage of Health & Wellness programs ... Protective Services reinforce traffic/parking rules ... Milestones.
blue bullet February 26, 2007 - Production ready to shift into high gear... MS&TC at the core of satellite production... Atlantis mates with ET-124 and Solid Rocket Boosters... NASA releases 2008 budget...EVO board plans to expand projects in 2007... Astronauts present Silver Snoopy awards... NMA chapter to be organized...
blue bullet January 29, 2007 - Heavy workload predicted for Michoud... You're invited to a general assembly...Team Ares office gears up for NASA proposal... Sunnyvale makes third trip to gut homes over holidays... Technicians use new tool to improve bipod fitting...FIRST robotics competition piques student interest...Zulueta scheduling more time with employees...Manto named director...
blue bullet December 19, 2006 - STS-116 roars off into the night... Ares I team opens office in Huntsville... Top volunteers receive House Busters jackets... Ride-Out Crew visits Kennedy Space Center... ISS node headed to Stennis... Goodbye to Marshall Byrd... Employees help Children's Hospital... Getting ready for the holidays with your family...
blue bullet December 1, 2006 - Zulueta takes charge of an evolving Michoud... Post-flight imagery assessment gains momentum... Byrd & Lanasa win Comet Awards... Tobacco-free workplace takes effect January 1, 2007... Award Fee scores Excellent... Michoud Operations responds to Katrina survey findings... McGehee receives UNO engineering alumnus award... Health and wellness opportunities... Lockheed Martin employees recognized... Michoud employees aid United Way...
blue bullet October 24, 2006 - Productivity teams strive to close gap... SIRIUS-4 satellite shipped from Stennis MS&TC... Corporation displays Katrina banner of thanks... Michoud capabilities spotlighted in economic summit... United Way Campaign... STS-115 crew to speak at General Assembly... Employee volunteers take on Katrina damaged school...
blue bullet October 5, 2006 - Manny Zulueta assumes helm as Michoud Operations VP... Coast Guard interim facility to begin operations... Whole lotta moving going on across facility... Wood promoted to director... ET-123 & ET-124 pointing toward December... Roll back the clock, roll in the energy savings... Save the date! NASA Safety Day is set for October 19th... Lockheed Martin recognizes employees for New Business achievement...
blue bullet September 19, 2006 - STS-115 Mission managers confident Atlantis in good shape... Employees savor CEV win; work to begin immediately... STS-121 crew thanks team for ET performance... Karas discusses Michoud vision... Stine named finance director... STS-115 honorees and Ride-Out Crew visit KSC... K-1 furthers Michoud role in space transportation... Michoud teams for Ares I success.
blue bullet August 24, 2006 - Attention turns to ET-123... Factory resuming External Tank production... Michoud has direct ties to one of COTS winners... MS&TC transition almost done... Michoud's recovery post Katrina - a year in review... New incident command center ready for use.
blue bullet July 27, 2006 - STS-121/ET-119 success a high for space program ... Michoud connected to three COTS teams ... Honorees visit KSC for STS-121 launch ... Space Station sighting information ... Neighborhood planning efforts under way ... Computer champion requests area schools assistance ... Rebuilding? Get involved and get organized ... It's National Night Out Against Crime.
blue bullet July 13, 2006 - STS-121 launch hugely successful ... Improvement initiative addresses tank flow concerns ... Crews finish ET-118 early at Kennedy Space Center; tank ready for August 28th launch ... Michoud hosts Congressional hearing on levee system and coastal restoration.
blue bullet June 28, 2006 - NASA to fly first day of window ... Work continues on ET-118 at KSC ... CEV enters final two-month stretch ... Big turnout for Safety & Health Fair ... IFA teams conclude foam loss probe ... Baham appointed to Ethics position ... Michoud welcomes Coast Guard Command ... Tom Marsh retires after 37 years ... Milestones ... Graduates interview for positions at College Day ... Fall Fest.
blue bullet June 21, 2006 - Space Systems and Michoud Operations Honor Top Employees of 2005.
blue bullet June 1, 2006 - Volunteer employees assist on ET-118 ... "Excellent" grades on Award Fee ... Michoud prepared for 2006 hurricane season ... Transition of MS&TC to Michoud nears completion ... Sunnyvale supports House Busters a second time around ... How's my squash? ... Ethics survey results tabulated ... Milestones ... Count yourself a hero.
blue bullet May 17, 2006 - Full court press continues on second flight tank, ET-118 ... NASA & ET management join to gut 37th home - Crew of 12 to fly in from Sunnyvale for a week of volunteer support ... Are you ready for hurricane season? ... Corps expands scope of work on levee repair ... Engineers guide teams in robotics competition ... Space Day at Jefferson Elementary ... Lockheed Martin joins Habitat ... Thank you, volunteers! ... Blood Drive Count Yourself a Hero.
blue bullet May 2, 2006 - ET-119 remains on course for a July launch … NASA to fly ice frost ramps “as is’ … Michoud focuses on energy cost reductions … Activity swirls all around ET-118 … Hurricane plan – the first step to personal safety … NASA astronauts pitch in at House Busters …Rebuilding after Katrina … Astronauts present Snoopy Awards … Earth Day planters … Katrina event celebrates quick recovery … Milestones.
blue bullet March 30, 2006 - ECO sensor/vent valve replacement begins; work completion to support July launch ... Space Shuttle turns 25 ... Young Minds at Work returns for second year ... NASA extends CEV contracts ... Rebuilding after Katrina ... Arves wins Rotary space award ... Hurricane Katrina Recovery Event ... Employees respond to blood drive ... Spring Break! LM volunteers visit New Orleans area to bust houses ... Earth Day to focus on recovery and rebuilding ... Milestones ... Emergency Information.
blue bullet March 16, 2006 - 2006 memo from Marshall Byrd ... STS-121 launch date slips to July ... Progress made on other tanks ... Corps begins work to rebuild levees ... Blood Drive next week ... Lockheed Martin to exhibit at Auto Show ... Louisiana registry on-line.
blue bullet March 2, 2006 - Michoud delivers ET-119 early ... Survey results reflect varied, new challenges ... ISO audit this month ... Honorees recognized in Florida ... Marsh touts 2005 Space Systems success ... Lockheed Martin prepares to bid on CEV ... House Busters a "smashing" success ... Crusaders in community recovery ... Hutchinson appointed medical director ... Guild donates 135 quilts ... Rebuilding plan for Louisiana on maffamily ... Milestones.
blue bullet Febrary 2, 2006 - White House Fellows tour Michoud - Prestigious group learns about Katrina response ... Gilbrech to lead Stennis ... 2005 Ethics cases drop by 27 percent - Disciplinary actions taken in 67 cases, down from 92 in 2004 ... MSB accessible on maffamily ... MathCounts ... Astronauts present Silver Snoopy Awards ... Build Process "Co-Teams" of the Year ... Post-Katrina survey reveals need for SBA seminars ... Aeronautics employees aid House Busters' efforts ... Milestones.
blue bullet January 18, 2006 - Katrina ride-out crew receives medal for bravery - "Not on My Watch" - motto of team who saved factory from flooding ... Lockheed Martin to submit CEV design in March ... Hartley tapped for NOVA Award ... Work moves ahead on PAL ramp removal and bipod ... Milestones.
blue bullet December 15, 2005 - NASA to fly ET without PAL ramps ... Investigative teams making headway ... Commander visits Michoud ... Knauer to lead Small Launch Vehicle Integration effort ... Clothing drive adds second location ... MS&TC to transition to Michoud management ... Employee grateful for House Busters ... Storm recovery DVDs ... maffamily - click on it often ... Milestones ... Lockheed Martin gives Blood Center a shot in the arm.
blue bullet November 30, 2005 - Work pace increases on ET-119 & 120 ... Hale impressed with Michoud's progress ... NASA predicts busy future for Michoud ... maffamily - a good place to click ... "House Busters" gut fourth employee home ... Keeping the winter cold out ... Overwhelming response to clothing drive.
blue bullet November 11, 2005 - Byrd, Scheuermann outline future – Eighteen more ET flights, then shift to space exploration … Sigur updates investigation, ET status … “House Busters” strip first employee house … Guest house secured for temporary quarter – St. Vincent’s to house homeless employees … Milestones … to debut soon … Ethics Corner … Emergency Information.
blue bullet October 26, 2005 - Michoud reopens October 31 … Bus transportation popular with employees … Vitter thanks employees … National Guard secures Michoud and National Guard secures … Volunteer task force to help employees with damaged homes.
blue bullet October 10, 2005 - Michoud returns to limited production … Annual Lockheed Martin benefits enrollment begins October 12 … Initiating Annual Enrollment … Important information to remember during enrollment … Town Hall meetings reunite employees … Someone to talk to … Words from employees on being back at work … Danny Owens – In Memoriam … Words from employees … People Center to serve employees.
blue bullet August 29, 2005 - Successful mission ends – challenges continue … Parsons, Hale encourage teams in recent visit to MAF … Return to Flight Expo Scrapbook … United Way, Michoud Operations’ Campaign … United Way Campaign Incentives Hartley named S&PA director … NASA moves forward on CEV (Program crucial to Michoud future … Diversity Maturity Survey … Milestones … Ethics Corner.
blue bullet August 1, 2005 - STS-114 ... Return to Flight Expo ... Launch honorees recognized at KSC ... Milestones ... Astronaut presents six new Snoopies.
blue bullet June 1, 2005 - Michoud puts in huge RTF effort at KSC ... Michoud Operations hones Strategic Plan ... Technology for future launch vehicles ...Falcon Small Launch Vehicle team prepares for second firing ...Ethics Corner - Training applies to real-life situations ... Ten more employees receive baseballs ... Thoughts on Diversity - One Company, one team, all inclusive, where diversity contributes to 100% Mission Success ... Upcoming summer events at Michoud Assembly Facility ... PMES continuously reduces paper at Michoud ... Get ready to batten down the hatches ... Young Minds at Work ... Milestones ... Robotics gets real for high school. students
blue bullet April 12, 2005 - Space Systems and Michoud Operations Honor Top Employees of 2004.
blue bullet March 16, 2005 - Byrd looks back after one year at Michoud -- Expresses pride in accomplishments and optimism for the future...Teams identify keys to success for ET-120, future projects...Return to Flight focus broadens...Falcon Team prepares for follow-up testing -- First firing of hybrid motor a success...Anderson-Behrens receives top corporate Ethics award...Silver Snoopy Awards...Volunteers stuff USO Care Packages for troops...Michoud returns to Six Flags in ‘05...Milestones...Young Minds at Work...2005 EVO board.
blue bullet January 19, 2005 - Michoud embraces open communications – Execution is key to superior work environment … Ethics Corner – Substantiated Ethics cases = Action – Discipline taken in 92 cases during 2004 … Javery receives new Stennis assignment … ET-120 – America’s first step back to space … PMES to revolutionize factory floor work … Milestones … CajunBot roams Michoud.
blue bullet October 12, 2004 - RTF launch date slips past March/April – Flange redesign approved; three tanks “in the flow” … What light from yonder building shines so brightly … "Keeping Their Eye" on a very important "Ball" ... Michoud commended on JSF nacelle delivery … Ethics Corner … United Way Michoud Operations' Campaign – October 18-29, 2004 … Michoud chosen for Phase II of Falcon – 10-month program will build and test three Hybrid motors … NASA Safety Day – “Return to Flight” – Thursday, October 28 …Milestones.
blue bullet August 12, 2004 - ET teams make progress toward RTF … 1. Bipod Redesign … 2.LH2 Intertank Flange … 3. Liquid Oxygen Feedline Bellows … 4. Protuberance Airloads (PAL) Ramps … 5. Enhanced _In-Flight Imagery … 6. Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) … 7. TPS Certification … 8. TPS Verification & Validation … Powell and Harris appointed to new positions … “Back to Work” quicker With Revised Certification Process …Keeping their eye on the ball … Strategic Plan presents three-tiered approach … Lockheed Martin completes first nacelle … Milestones … Astronaut presents Snoopy awards … What’s all this talk about FOD?
blue bullet June 17, 2004 - Byrd eager to lead Michoud team - Sees opportunities beyond RTF, shuttle flyout ... Michoud goes year without DAFW case ... "Keep Your Eye on the Ball" Ya'll - What have you done to help return to safe flight? ... Jones named NASA resident manager ... Interns planning productive summer ... Marshall Byrd Quick Takes ... Ethics Survey Results - Michoud scores consistently differ from Corporate averages ...Are you prepared for Hurricane season? ... Milestones ... F.O.D. - Be on the Lookout ... Hybrid motor success.
blue bullet May 24, 2004 - Space Systems Honors Top Employees of 2003.
blue bullet April 8, 2004 - Officials renew NCAM pact … Bipod team makes progress on all Fronts – Focus toward formalizing plans for TPS certification and process control … Michoud undergoes timely facelift – Improvements make facility more functional and useful … Astronaut poses with Snoopy recipients … Near misses on the rise – good/bad? … Michoud recommended for higher AS 9100 standard … ET-94 successfully returns to Cell A – First time a “completed tank” has made a return trip … Michoud receives ESH award … Milestones … Explorer Scouts win moonbuggy race.
blue bullet February 16, 2004 - Message from Dennis Deel on challenges and opportunities for 2004 ... New NDE techniques lead to improved void detection capability ... Michoud ready for JSF production ... Congratulations to the Mechanical Assembly Intertank and Stringer Team - the Prod Ops Build Process Team of the Year ... Testing on compoisite LO2 tank progresses ... Milestones ... EVO Board to lead volunteer activities.
blue bullet December 11, 2003 - CDR Board Concurs with Bipod Redesign Plans – Additional areas require study before final approval can be granted … Coleman Named NASA’s ET Project Manager … Michoud Stems Brain Drain with Local Graduates … Sigur receives Silver Snoopy … Not far behind the Wright Brothers … Employees Voice Positive Thoughts on Internal Communications … Fall Festival funds … Milestones … No Cell Phones with Cameras … Emergency Information.
blue bullet October 13, 2003 - STS-114 Crew Visits ET Team ... Michoud Supports OSP and Other Future Programs ... Michoud Operations' United Way Campaign (October 13-24, 2003) ... Communications Survey ... UWS Tool "Stirs Up" Interest with ET Demo ... Michoud Gets Serious about Computer Use ... Milestones ... Honorees recognized at SFA anniversary in Washington.
blue bullet September 18, 2003 - CAIB Issues Columbia Accident Report – Board gives “thumbs-up” to quality and workmanship at Michoud … External Tank Related Findings …NASA Begins New Phase to Safely Fly Again – Implementation Plan is blueprint for launch in 2004 … Stafford-Covey Technical Panel Reviews Return to Flight Activities at Michoud …NASA Directs Modifications to the ET in Return to Flight Plan … ET Bipod Redesign – The Critical Fist Step …CAIB Recommendations – RTF and Beyond … Mod Centers Open to Retrofit ETs … The NASA / Lockheed Martin Return to Flight Organization.
blue bullet August 7, 2003 - Return to Flight Takes Center Stage - Michoud making significant progress in numerous areas ... Seven Receive President's Award ... Orbiter Equipment Arriving at Michoud - Nearly 400 truckloads expected ... Michoud to Design Hybrid Rocket for Norway - Offset program includes design and vehicle assembly plan ... Michoud Preparing for ISO Audit ... Milestones ... Diversity Council spreads message to kids.
blue bullet June 12, 2003 - Michoud Prepares Return to Flight Plan - Additional guidance will come from the CAIB final report expected in late July ... King Takes Reins as New Marshall Center Director ... NASA Environmental Audit Gives Michoud a "High-Five" ... Callan, Quiggle Promoted ... It's Hurricane Season! ... Diversity Council to Focus on Students ... Mission Success Bulletin Takes on a New Look ... The 2003 U.S. Savings Bonds Campaign - June 16-27 - Strike a Balance in Your Financial Future ... Friction Stir Welding Proves Its Capability for Next Generation Launch Vehicles ... Paperless Manufacturing Status ... Safety & Health Fair ... Milestones.
blue bullet May 12, 2003 - Michoud Honors Top Employees of 2002 at Awards Night.
BLUE BULLET April 3, 2003 - NASA targets fall for earliest possible return to flight. Local investigation continues with three-pronged approach ... Michoud Operations presents Build Process Team of the Year ... Paperless Manufacturing Status ... Lunch with astronauts provides a boost to employee morale ... 30 Years and Building ... Hybrid rocket has successful launch ... Ready for some volunteering? ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET December 11, 2002 - Friction Stir Welding tool ready for External Tank production ... ET Award Fee rated "Excellent" ... Ethics rules abide during yuletide ... Behavior - a reflection of our values and beliefs ... Patenting process available online ... Performance Enhancement manager on the receiving end ... Michoud and Fall Fest funds benefit Children's Hospital ... Paperless Manufacturing Status ... Michoud-built composite wingboxes delivered ... Two complete ELDP course ... Nineteen receive Silver Snoopy awards at Michoud ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET October 14, 2002 - STS-112 launch takes on a whole new look ... Copeland wins Nova Award ... PMES - high technology with less paper! ... Michoud passes ISO 9001 audit ... Alexander promoted to HR director ... Tolerance and respect -- add to an enriched life ... Shootin' the Sh..optalk - Horseplay inappropriate in the workplace ... Mitchell receives NASA Star Award ... 5th Buy & Super Lightweight Tank take shuttle program to next level - Makes deployment of the International Space Station possible ... Space Seekers: A Quest to Space Center Houston ... SFA launches new safety campaign ... Michoud Operations' United Way Campaign - October 21 -- November 1 ... Launch Honorees recognized at KSC ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET August 8, 2002 - Kaizen events improve ET production ... New programs offer variety of challenges and opportunities ... President recognizes individual and team ... "Understanding" one of the keys to diversity ... Proteges and mentors match up for tenth year of program ... Estess to retire at Stennis ... Javery, Bryant, Simoneaux promoted ... Michoud makes headway on recycling program ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET June 6, 2002 - Award Fee ratings strong on 6th Buy and MAF Operations ... Michoud & UAW agree on new labor contract ... MAF Safety & Health Fair ...ASAP group scouts Michoud ... Hurricane season is here - are you ready? ... Ethics training to examine "Perspectives" ... Space Flight Awareness Honorees visit Kennedy Space Center ... Knowledge is key attribute in how we see others ... Space Day Art Contest winners with dads ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET April 22, 2002 - Michoud honors top employees of 2001 at Awards Night
BLUE BULLET April 4, 2002 - Administration submits '03 NASA budget request ... Brettle named new NASA site manager ... "And the Winner is" STS-108 crew presents BPT of Quarter awards ... Diversity Council organizes at Michoud ... ISO 9001 audit a success at Michoud ... Retirement Plan update reminder ... The 2002 U.S. Savings bonds Campaign - April 8-19 We're Counting On You ... Lockheed Martin hosts IMAX 3D premier.
BLUE BULLET February 6, 2002 - Dennis Deel memorandum to employees ... Lockheed Martin receives award from Chamber ... Hybrid motor firing successful at Stennis Space Center ... Six Space Shuttle missions planned for 2002 ... Three receive President's Awards ... Green Belts obtain certification ... Did someone say the word "volunteer"? ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET December 13, 2001 - Award Fee ratings still strong ... Recognition Plan to be initiated ... Bush taps O'Keefe to head NASA ... New Performance Recognition System replaces Performance Appraisal Review ... DCMA presents Small Business Program award to Michoud ... Michoud receives awards for energy conservation and waste reduction ... It's gift-giving season - know the guidelines ... 9/80 schedule to shift January 1st corporate-wide ... NCAM Gears Up for Composite Opportunities ... Key JSF Facts ... Milestones ... Fall Fest funds help Children's Hospital ... Michoud/partner school assist food bank.
BLUE BULLET October 15, 2001 - Thumbs up for External Tank modifications ... NASA Safety Day is October 17 ... Michoud Operations' United Way Campaign ... LMPeople self service expands ... Factory floor refinishing project completed ahead of schedule ... Corporation to pay most of health care increases ... Cost control steps shrink reduction impact ... Fiber Placement Machine sample dome arrives from Ingersoll ... Common Friday off schedule to begin ... Blood Drive surpasses goal ... Milestones
BLUE BULLET August 30, 2001 - Congressman Vitter tours Michoud Assembly Facility - Vows support for X-33, Composites and NCAM ... 9/80 to become standard work week ... Build Process Teams get results in second year ... Michoud readies for ISO upgrade ... Patents grant personal and company rewards ... Michoud Operations recognized for education support ... Think Light weight-loss program advises how to shed those pounds ... Process begins for Year 2003 scholarships ... NCAM Update ... Energy Saving Tip ... Composite liquid oxygen tank undergoes proof tests at Marshall .. Milestones
BLUE BULLET June 28, 2001 - ET-117 crack investigation nears completion ... LMPeople Payroll goes on-line ... Michoud to raise quality standard ... Savings Bonds campaign closes strong ... Stephenson envisions bright future for Michoud ... Soliciting? - Not in the workplace! ... Keep the Cycle going! ... Be prepared for hurricanes ... Michoud receives higher Award Fee ratings ... Miller honored with President's Award ... 2001 LM Scholarship awarded ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET May 21, 2001 - Michoud honors top employees of 2000 at Awards Night
BLUE BULLET April 26, 2001 - NASA celebrates shuttle's 20-year anniversary ... NCAM Project gets under way ... Graphics Archive - your new presentation tool! ... Michoud workforce reduction schedule modified ... An ounce of prevention makes all the difference ... Employee Survey slated for May ... Honorees hold fond memories of 20 years ... Michoud Operations launches Savings Bonds Campaign ... Bond website provides calculator and search tool ... Michoud Blood Drive in May ... Employee knows blood donations save lives ... Local Explorer scouts finish close second in moonbuggy race ... Milestones
BLUE BULLET February 16, 2001 - 2001 Message from Dennis Deel ... Be an energy miser - Savings come as employees see the light - and turn it off ... Two at Marshall receive Snoopy Award ... Employee Television (Etv) to premier on EWS with splashy graphics ... Michoud prepares for ISO audit ... MAF implements on-line technical reporting ... Explorers learn how to become "big wheels" ... Process warriors in training ... Space Shuttle missions in 2001 ... Abusers beware! NASA computer policy strictly enforced ... Employee News - Savings Plan info on Web - Adoption assistance available ... Meet your new EVO Board for 2001 ... Milestones
BLUE BULLET December 15, 2000 - 9/80 Work Schedule Planned for 2001 ... Award Fee rating improves on External Tank project ... President's Awards ... New process develops & selects 1st Line supervisors of hourly personnel ... Hats off to R&A crew for safety streak ... Barber named medical director ... Milestones
BLUE BULLET September 15, 2000 - Employees endorse 9/80 work schedule ... Lockheed Martin to build Propulsion, Thermal & Metrology Center at Stennis ... LMPeople common systems drive labor grade changes ... Michoud prepares for ISO assessment ... 2000 United Way Campaign (September 18th - October 6th) ... 2000 Incentives for Participation ... What $3 a week can do through the United Way ... X-33 management transitions to Space Systems ... Ethics in an electronic age ... Milestones
BLUE BULLET July 10, 2000 - Flex Time in place at Michoud ... Russian Zvezda service module on schedule for ISS launch ... What to do in an emergency ... Safety eyewear available ... Cafeteria workers help injured employee ... LMPeople drives corporate policy changes ... New Ethics Training - Corporate introduces newspaper-featured course ... Lockheed Martin receives $4 billion THAAD contract ... Two students win Lockheed Martin scholarships ... Lockheed Martin receives LEAP Award ... Emergency Information ... Emergency assistance program changes carriers ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET Creating a New Century of Savings, Michoud Operations' Savings Bonds Campaign, June 19-30, 2000 - New Bond helps savings grow at a faster pace ... I Bonds, Everyone Needs a Safe Place to Grow ... Savings Bonds Campaign Prizes ... It's a Fact! ... Hang on to these Bonds ... Bonds can provide valuable education tax breaks ... Seven great reasons to buy and hold Savings Bonds ... 2000 U.S. Savings Bonds Campaign Team.
BLUE BULLET June 1, 2000 - Michoud dress goes casual ... Leaders of tomorrow meet developmental challenges ... Michoud Operations celebrates Space Day 2000 ... Energy savings efforts being promoted ... Space Sytems Company has bevy of launch achievements ... Michoud Opens Safety & Health Fair ...Employee News ... LMPeople coming October 16, 2000
BLUE BULLET Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company - Blood Drive - May 15-19, 2000 - Please give! Your donation will help others live ... Michoud Operations May Blood Drive ... Ginger's story ... How your blood is used ... What to expect as a first-time donor ... Boosting your iron count -- You can do it!
BLUE BULLET April 28, 2000 - Plan to reduce Michoud workforce announced ... Explorer Post Moon Buggy team takes design award in national competition ... Corporation names new COO ... Space Day 2000 activities accelerate ... People Power: prime element of Mission Success ... Safety -- Both a group and an individual effort ... Milestones ... Employee Volunteers honored ... Emergency Information.
BLUE BULLET March 31, 2000 - Focus groups analyze survey results ... Shuttle returns to Space Station ... Management appointments announced ... Refurbished factory floors support excellence ... ISO audit goes well ... Milestones ... Driver courtesy equals pedestrian safety ... Employee at KSC go all for United Way.
BLUE BULLET February 28, 2000 - Build Process Teams gear up ... Michoud building composite LO2 tanks ... Facilities Safety Monitors - extra eyes on safety ... Company News - HIPSASAT's first launch on Atlas is complete success ... ISO team gears up for first Continuing Assessment ... X-33 engine tests push the envelope ... Lockheed Martin honored for hosting Explorers ... NASA budget increase proposed ... Michoud Explorer Post enters NASA National Moon Buggy competition ... Milestones ... United Way Day of Caring ... Emergency Information.
BLUE BULLET January 28, 2000 - X-33 Program activities proceed ... Wetmore, Smelser named to top ET posts ... STS-99 Facts ... Space Systems head tours Michoud ... LMPeople: Web-based "jobs on line" system is turned on ... National Blood Center recognizes Michoud employee contributions ... Second annual Black History program planned ... Periodic ISO audits to come ... Employees reminded about proprietary data ... Employee survey results reflect pluses, minuses ... Organizational changed anounced at Michoud ... Questions on ethics? ... Emergency Information ... Employee Volunteers ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET December 17, 1999 - X-33 metal tank helps reduce layoff by half ... X-34 LO2 tank PDR complete ... Help smooth the way to Y2K ... To minimize Y2K problems, take these simple steps ... For official work status ... Be accident free in 2000 ... Safety award presented to Huntsville Technical Operations ... ET team honored by National Space Club - Huntsville ... To receive or not to receive ... Employee Volunteer Organization ... Milestones.
BLUE BULLET November 29, 1999 - X-33 Liquid Hydrogen Tank damaged in test ... Michoud's push for ISO 9001 Certification succeeds ... STS-103 ...DuPont experts assess MAF safety program ... Volunteer efforts benefit Children's Hospital ... Michoud wins GNOBR award ... Holiday E-mail greetings may cause network outages ... "Intra" -preneurial communications -- Lockheed Martin style ... Layoff volunteer numbers announced ... Beware Y2K travel problems ... Navy Public Service Award goes to Michoud executive ... Emergency Information ... Employees advised not to participate in Web-based program ... Milestones ... Questions on Ethics?
BLUE BULLET October 29, 1999 - Michoud to build X-34 Liquid Oxygen Tank ... The Great Circle of Safety ... Benefits open enrollments going on now ... Emergency Information ... LMPeople coming to Michoud Space Systems ... Space Systems organization announcement ... No-Fuss Surplus - property management hits the Intranet ... Michoud has #1 Safety program ... Milestones ... Questions on Ethics?
BLUE BULLET October 1, 1999 - Michoud passes ISO 9001 test ... Corporate restructuring announced ... Safety: Make it a basic personal philosophy ... Team's report calls for renewed focus on Mission Success ... Director named for Management Information Systems ... Employee surveys due by October 15 ... Changes made to Scholarship Program... New tuition reimbursement process to start ... Fall Fest set for October 16 ... Michoud employees sharpen skills through leadership development ... Milestones ... Company-sponsored Explorer Post needs students, adults ... Questions on Ethics?
BLUE BULLET September 2, 1999 - Michoud delivers 100th External Tank ... Hybrid rocket motor program scores success ... ISO 9001 audit nears ... New system speeds loans ... Sector News: Lockheed Martin awarded contract for next generation military satellite system ... Error-proofing Michoud: a common-sense approach to a safer workplace ... "World of Work" students discover Michoud ... Summer jobs a springboard to careers ... Keeping Lockheed Martin's ethics stands current ... Bonds info direct line ... Milestones ... Employee Volunteer Organization ... Fall Fest.
BLUE BULLET July 30, 1999 - X-33 Structural Test Article - one tank, many used ... ISO pre-assessment goes well ... Lockheed Martin reports second quarter net loss ... External Tank Progress Report ... Instilling Safety Awareness - an attitude of attention .. Computer training opportunities multiply ... Self service blood pressure testing ... Employee photo contest now open ... Michoud Work Status ... Now's a good time to clean your closet ... Milestones ... Questions on ethics? ... Bits & Pieces.
BLUE BULLET June 28, 1999 - New riveter set to come on-line ... SLWT team effort recognized by NASA ... Sector News: THAAD test successful; Corporation reduces earnings outlook for 1999 and 2000 ... Music, fireworks light up A Capitol Fourth ... External Tank Progress Report ... Broad sweep of activities means a full menu of safety rules ... ISO 9001 internal assessment, training under way ... 1999 Hurricane Season June 1 - November 30: Names; Communications; Protect your family and property by planning ahead; Tropical Weather - A Glossary of Terms; Hurricane Precautions ... "Girl Power to the Moon" winners see STS-96 launch ... Bits & Pieces: Long Term Care special; Mailroom Procedure ... CAD Learning Center Opens ... Supervisors finish rigorous training ... Milestones ... New vessel for the External Tank begins service ... Explorer Post in Superdome ... Questions on Ethics?
BLUE BULLET June 2, 1999 - MSFC, Lockheed Martin sign Space Act Agreement ... IFA team actions "Go" for flight test ... Sector News: Corporation announces comprehensive review of Space and Strategic Missles Sector; and New appointment announced ... External Tank Progress Report ... Workplace safety demands integrity ... ISO 9001 gaining momentum ...Dilbert and Co. launch Ethics Challenge again ... Milestones ... MSFC decal check ... Great Ideas Special ... Questions on ethics? ... Michoud Work Status.
BLUE BULLET April 28, 1999 - Michoud awarded third Governor's Environmental Leadership Award ... New MSFC Director visits Michoud ... College video classes begin ... External Tank Progress Report ... Report "near misses" to improve safety for all ... First wave of LM21 Best Practice transfers begins ... 1999 MAF Safety and Health Fair ... The Road to ISO 9001 ... MSFC Operations awarded for UW participation ... Milestones ... Questions on ethics? ... Scholarship fund established in memory of slain students.
BLUE BULLET March 23, 1999 - Shuttle upgrade study continues and expands ... Dunn named Contracts director ... External Tank Progress Report ... Safety - Ingrained in new product environment ... Astronauts honor MSFC Operations employees ... Y2K Team wrapping up compliance drive ... "Penguins" prepare for future flights ... Two in Business Operations receive honors ... Black History Month a hit with employees ... Questions on ethics? ... Report "near misses" to head off trouble ... Deel chairing Savings Bond campaign ... Milestones ... Sign up for Jazz Fest volunteer jobs, Classic tent ... Traffic cops to patrol Old Gentilly ... The Road to ISO 9001 registration.